Eyewitnesses Accuse Pastor Paul Adefarasin of Injuring Passenger and Smashing Bus Window

Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Shocking Incident Involving Pastor Paul Adefarasin Unfolds in Lagos Traffic

In a startling turn of events, eyewitnesses have come forward to recount a disturbing incident involving popular Lagos pastor, Paul Adefarasin. Multiple accounts allege that the pastor was involved in the smashing of a bus window, causing injuries to passengers, and even threatening the bus driver during a traffic altercation.

The incident, which occurred in the bustling streets of Lagos, has sent shockwaves through the community. Eyewitnesses claim that Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s car was allegedly smashed by the bus driver, leading to a heated exchange.


Details reveal that the situation escalated quickly, with Pastor Adefarasin purportedly taking matters into his own hands by smashing the window of the bus. This action resulted in injuries to passengers on board, adding an alarming dimension to the unfolding events.

The eyewitnesses, who were on the scene, recount a tense atmosphere as the situation unfolded. The allegations against the popular pastor include not only property damage but also physical harm inflicted on innocent commuters.

The bus driver, whose vehicle was reportedly involved in the initial collision with Pastor Adefarasin’s car, found himself at the receiving end of threats, according to eyewitness accounts. The incident has left many questioning the conduct of a figure widely regarded in the community.


Pastor Paul Adefarasin.

As investigations are underway to ascertain the facts surrounding this incident, the public is left in anticipation of an official statement from Pastor Paul Adefarasin or his representatives. Ejes Gist News will continue to monitor the developments closely, providing updates as more information becomes available.

This shocking incident raises concerns about the conduct of public figures and the need for responsible behavior, even in moments of frustration.

The repercussions of such events extend beyond the individuals involved, impacting the perception of the community at large.



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