Festus Keyamo laments says PDP laughing at Bola Tinubu over Buhari’s Failed New Naira policy

Festus Keyamo

Festus Keyamo has said that the opposition party, PDP is now laughing at Bola Tinubu because the government is against him


The chief spokesperson of the All Progressives Congress Tinubu/Shettima presidential campaign team, while reacting to the claims that the naira redesign policy was effected to prevent the APC members from buying votes with the old naira notes on election day, argued that before now, their main opposition party, the PDP, that has always described Buhari’s integrity as fake, but due to the fact that they believe that the policy would affect the chances of Bola Tinubu winning the election, they are now praising the president.



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Speaking further, he added that, now that the policy was effected against his principal, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, and his campaign council members, winning the election will be a clear victory for them, stating that even the PDP members are now mocking them because his principal has no backup from the government to aid his presidency.



Festus Keyamo said, “now I believe this incident is God’s design for Asiwaju’s victory to be legitimate and internationally accepted because now everybody knows Asiwaju has no official backup, no government support, and he is relying basically on the strength and power of Nigerians to vote him in. Even the PDP is laughing at him, saying, “The government is not supporting you here and there, but I believe this is divinely designed to give Tinubu a clear victory.



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