Peter Obi Presidency Strengthen as 2 Former Presidents Declares Support for him


Two former presidents behind , says Utomi

Prof. Pat Utomi, convener of The BIG-TENT coalition of political parties, social movements, and civil society organisations has stated that two former heads of state have endorsed presidential candidate Peter Obi for the 2023 elections.

He contends that the has more advantageous structures in place than other political parties to retake Nigeria from its oppressors.


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Utomi, a well-known political economist and the former dean of the Lagos Business School, made these remarks at a town hall meeting held by The BIG-TENT on Friday in Abuja as part of efforts to boost support for Obi, his running mate Datti Ahmed, and LP.

He added that opponents of Obi-dients would be shocked by the outcome and that The BIG-TENT had worked to develop real structures for Peter Obi.

Money alone does not win elections, according to Utomi. I have been told by two former heads of state that they are Obi-dients.


To help Peter Obi and Datti Ahmed win and retake our country from those who have kept it down, many people want to join the (Obi-dient) movement without joining the Labour Party.

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“The LP has superior organisational design to the PDP and . I chuckle when people discuss structures because they do not comprehend what a structure is.


We must put an end to the criminal network of individuals who can manipulate elections; that is not the structure.

They will be shocked by what they see because The BIG-TENT has worked to develop real structures.

Numerous Peter Obi Support Groups possess independent structures that are capable of winning these elections. On election day, there will be 20 members of these organisations at each polling place.


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