Pray Igbos don’t come together, The day Igbos come together, they’ll win all elections — Rotimi Amaechi


Pray Igbos don’t come together, The day Igbos come together, they’ll win all elections —



Addressing Igbos in Rivers at a Port Harcourt gathering, Former minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi said he made Igbo man commissioner, promoted two as Permanent Secretaries, employed 3000 as teachers, and gave scholarships to several others among other opportunities when he was governor, adding that those privileges have disappeared under Wike’s administration.


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In his charge to Igbos in Rivers, Amaechi said, “We can not win without you. If you don’t come out that day, we have lost. We need you to come out, need you to stand. We need you not to be afraid. If they burn your house or the shop, we will replace everything they destroy. Every kobo you lost will be given back.




“I’m an Igbo man from Ikwerre Local Government Area. I tell people, pray Igbos don’t come together. The day Igbos come together, they have won Port Harcourt City, won Obio/Akpor Local Governments. We will continue to produce chairmen until we are tired.”


Cole, while knocking Wike before Igbos in Rivers, told them, “You will not suffer, we will not harass you, will not destroy your business, will not pull down your shops to build bridges We would rather build bridges to support your businesses and well-being when you vote us in.”





“You have all come out to endorse me. You have come to say you will vote for APC. But it is not enough that you have endorsed me. We have two days to spread the message, and make sure everyone you know comes out to vote on election day.”


“Don’t entertain fear. Nobody will steal your vote. The military will be out to protect your votes. And anybody that interferes with your vote should choose between life and death.”

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