Empty Promises? Tinubu Assures Hope Amid Economic Hardship


Nigerians are keen on tangible results rather than empty assurances.

President Bola Tinubu’s government assures Nigerians of a promising future in the face of economic challenges, as reiterated by Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), .

Speaking at the ‘National Solemn Assembly: A Day of Praise, Worship, and Thanksgiving to God for Nigeria,’ held at the National Ecumenical Centre in Abuja over the weekend, Akume emphasized the need for visionary leadership to harness Nigeria’s inherent gifts.


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Acknowledging Nigeria’s wealth in natural resources, both solid and fossil, Akume called for prayers and support for President Tinubu’s ‘Renewed Hope’ agenda, designed to propel the nation forward in a mutually beneficial manner.

He urged the nation to unite in prayer not only for the leadership but for the success of the country as a whole.


Drawing parallels with Tinubu’s successful governance in Lagos, Akume instilled hope in the Renewed Hope agenda, envisioning a brighter tomorrow for Nigeria.


He highlighted the importance of focusing on what unites the country rather than divisive elements, urging the media to play a role in fostering unity among the people.


Expressing confidence in the nation’s potential, Akume emphasized the necessity of a visionary leader, a role he believes President Tinubu fulfills.

He echoed the sentiments of a former president who noted Tinubu’s past successes and expressed optimism that the same positive transformation could be extended to the entire country.

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Akume’s address aimed to instill optimism, emphasizing the richness of Nigeria’s resources and the provided visionary leadership, encapsulated in President Tinubu’s agenda, as key elements in navigating the country towards a hopeful and prosperous future.

Editor’s Note: While Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s assurances of hope amid the prevailing economic hardships may resonate with some, others remain skeptical, considering the track record of unfulfilled promises. The intricate web of economic challenges requires concrete actions, and Nigerians are keen on tangible results rather than empty assurances. As we navigate these uncertain times, it is imperative for leaders to translate rhetoric into impactful policies that will genuinely uplift the nation.

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