President Tinubu Vows to Transform Nigeria from Consumption to Production Economy

Bola Tinubu New Picture

President Tinubu has unveiled ambitious plans to position Nigeria as a hub for export and import activities, emphasizing the critical role of integrating complex data to interpret international trade patterns.

During the 2023 Comptroller-General of Customs Annual Conference at Lagos Continental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, President Tinubu highlighted the imperative of leveraging comprehensive data for informed governance decisions.

He lamented the historical inadequacies in policymaking due to the lack of comprehensive data, terming it a technological affliction that hampered Nigeria’s growth trajectory and impeded Africa’s progress.


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Represented by Vice President Kashim Shettima at the conference, President Tinubu articulated a vision of utilizing data to drive sound government decisions. Shettima described Tinubu as an “accounting virtuoso” with an unparalleled understanding of the importance of data in steering the country’s affairs.

Acknowledging data as the invaluable asset of the 21st century, Shettima highlighted the strategic placement of tech-savvy individuals in critical government positions to facilitate informed decision-making and strategic planning.


“Our ambition extends beyond accumulation; it extends to transformation. We aspire to position Nigeria as the preferred destination for all stakeholders involved in export and import activities overseen by the Customs,” said Shettima, echoing Tinubu’s vision.

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President Tinubu’s administration aims to harness the power of comprehensive data not only for revenue generation but also for policy alignment, conflict resolution stemming from misinformation, and the optimization of governance processes.

The president’s strategy revolves around adopting evidence-based processes and innovative strategies to align policies with the administration’s objectives, streamline decision-making, and bolster Nigeria’s global standing in international trade.

Tinubu’s proclamation underscores the pivotal role of data integration in unlocking Nigeria’s potential as a major player in the global export and import landscape, signifying a significant shift toward data-driven governance and strategic planning.



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