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The National yourh Service Corps Identification Card ( ID Card) is an official document that proves the identity of Corps members. As a result, in this article, I will demonstrate how to replace an NYSC Identity (ID) card that has been lost, stolen, damaged, or stolen.

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After completing registration in camp, every member of the (NYSC) receives an identification card from the organisation.

All corps members are expected to keep their identification cards on them at all times while at orientation camp and outside of it.

The NYSC Identity Card is also one of the documents required for the collection of Discharge Certificates at the end of the service year when the NYSC Identity Card is presented.


Corps members, on the other hand, may misplace their ID cards for a variety of reasons.

A large number of Corps members have misplaced their identification card as a result of carelessness. Additionally, because most thieves target women’s handbags and men’s wallets, a Corps member’s identification card may be stolen in this manner. Every Corp member is entitled to Replacement Of NYSC Id Card. Thou the replacement is not free.


Procedure on How to get a new NYSC ID card

At the National yourh  Service Corps orientation camp, each corps member will receive an identification card.

Corps members are issued one of two types of NYSC identification cards: one for military service and one for civilian service.

  1. The NYSC Temporary ID Card:  At NYSC orientation camp, Corps members receive a laminated “state code tag,” which they can use to identify their home state.
  2. The  NYSC Permanent ID Card: NYSC issues Corps members with a plastic identification card after a few days of training in camp.

nysc id card front and back replacement of nysc id card



Corps members will be required to carry this identification card throughout their service year. On the day of the Pass Out Parade, every Corps member will present this ID to the  (NYSC) in exchange for a discharge certificate.


Now, allow me to demonstrate how to replace a misplaced NYSC identification card.

Now learn  How to replace NYSC State Code tag in your State ( The temporary id card)

The NYSC State Code tag or temporary id card will only be used by Corps members while they are on the grounds of the NYSC training camp. Nonetheless, if you misplace your State code tag while at NYSC Orientation camp, you must obtain a replacement tag.


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Unless you replace it, you may be unable to purchase food from the camp canteen. Additionally, you may encounter difficulties when attempting to obtain your permanent plastic ID card, and you may even be required to forfeit your first NYSC allowance (N19,800).

You must go to the registration centre in camp and explain how you lost your State Code tag in order to get a replacement.


How To Replace Lost NYSC ID Card [Guide for Replacement Of NYSC Id Card]


Your state code, as well as other personal information, will be requested by the NYSC. Following a cross-check, they will use a black marker to write your state code on a piece of white ID-sized paper in the appropriate font. Additionally, the official in charge will sign his or her name at the bottom of the document.

Steps on  How to replace a lost plastic NYSC Identity Card (for permanent Id card)

Replacement of lost NYSC ID card the simple is here 

If you misplace your NYSC plastic ID card, the process of replacing it is significantly more difficult than the process of replacing your State Code tag.


There are two options for replacing a misplaced plastic NYSC identification card.

Online replacement of NYSC ID card

You can also submit an application for a replacement ID card online.

  • Navigate to the NYSC online portal, which can be found at
  • Enter your email address and password to gain access to your dashboard.
  • Select the “Replacement of ID card” link from the drop-down menu.
  • When you click on this, you will be taken to a new page where you can see your name, call up number, and state code.
  • You will be presented with a dialogue box in which you can explain what happened.
  • Fill out the form with your request and click the Send Request button.
  • This will take you to the Remita page, where you can make your payment. You can pay with your RRR at any bank branch near you, or you can pay online with your credit card.
  • Complete the payment, upload a police report and a sworn affidavit, and submit the application.
  • Afterwards, a new plastic identification card will be mailed to the local government area in which you are employed.


Online replacement of NYSC ID card

Replacement without access to the internet.

  • Then go to the nearest police station and file a police report.
  • Take the police report to a magistrate court to have it sworn into a legal document.
    Make photocopies of the police report as well as the sworn affidavit for your records.
  • Write an application letter to the New York State Coordinator for the NYSC, explaining what happened and what you wish to achieve.
  • Attach the police report as well as the affidavit to your letter.
  • Provide the necessary documentation to your local government inspector (LGI).
  • Make the required payment.
  • When your new identification card is ready, your LGI will contact you.

Congratulations you have learnt How To Replace Lost NYSC ID Card  and Replacement Of NYSC Id Card is very simple to learn.

Thank you so much for reading How To Replace Lost NYSC ID Card , the Ultimate Replacement Of NYSC Id Card Guide. You can also read How To Calculate NYSC Age limit for mobilisation (Simple Guide)

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