Revealed! DNA reveals a Popular celebrity son is not his


DNA Results Revealed A Popular Celebrity’s Son Is Not His – Says


Popular Nigerian media personality Daddy Freeze has criticised women who commit paternity fraud.


He has wished the women who do things like that, painful death.



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Daddy Freeze moaned over a famous celebrity who recently learned he wasn’t the child’s biological father and pondered why women partake in the heinous practise.


He persisted in wishing the women involved in the act eternal damnation, despite the fact that Nigerian women rank second worldwide among nations whose citizens commit paternity fraud.



Nigerian women, e ni ku re! Una nor go die better! How do you bring another man pikin to give a different man?


I didn’t even want to mention the celebrity. Because if I bring up the celebrity, e will act differently. Naija woman, e ni ku re.



When it comes to paternity fraud, you are second in the world. The only senior una is in Jamaica.


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Woman, how do you go permit another man to climb you like a mountain, you do gbaga gbaga? Then you proceed to go give another man the outcome? Ha!!!! E ni ku re!



“Obirin!!! Why are you women like this?


The former radio host continued, “Someone say, why you not mention the name. If I mention the name, they will sue to fire me.



“Don’t worry, the name will become clearer as time passes; you can read and hear it now. And we will thank God if there is no rumour.


Daddy Freeze offered this suggestion for the best way to stop paternity fraud: “Here is my proposition, every child born from onwards should be DNA tested.”



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