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Ugborhen Community Elects New Leaders, Victory Adjenughrure Emerges as Speaker

Victory Adjenughrure

Leadership Emerges in Ugborhen Community: Victory Adjenughrure Takes the Helm as Speaker.

In a significant development for the Oli Rich community of Ugborhen in Sapele Local Government Area, Delta State, a fresh wave of leadership has emerged through a democratic electoral process.

The community members have elected individuals with the vision and commitment to steer Ugborhen towards progress and development.


The newly elected executive of Ugborhen community is set to play a pivotal role in addressing the diverse needs and concerns of the community, fostering unity, and initiating positive change. The leadership lineup is as follows:

Ugborhen Community gets new leaders as Victory Adjenughrure Emerges as Speaker

Daniel Okpetsagha – President: Leading the charge is Daniel Okpetsagha, who assumes the crucial role of the President of Ugborhen community. His dedication and commitment to community development will undoubtedly shape the future trajectory of Ugborhen.


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Austin Akpoduado – Vice President: Taking on the role of Vice President is Austin Akpoduado, bringing a wealth of experience and a commitment to supporting the President in executing the community’s goals.

Fred Odjegba – Secretary: Fred Odjegba has been elected as the Secretary of Ugborhen community, entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining records and facilitating effective communication within the community.

Victory Adjenughrure – Speaker: A notable figure in the new leadership is Victory Adjenughrure, who assumes the position of Speaker in Ugborhen community. As the Speaker, Adjenughrure will play a crucial role in representing the community’s voice and ensuring effective communication between community members and the leadership.

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Raphael Okologo – Treasurer: The financial matters of Ugborhen community will be overseen by Raphael Okologo, who takes on the role of Treasurer, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Meshach Tereyi – Youth Chairman: In recognition of the importance of youth engagement, Meshach Tereyi has been elected as the Youth Chairman, tasked with representing and addressing the concerns of the vibrant youth population in Ugborhen.

Sunday Erhabor – Assistant Secretary: Supporting the Secretary is Sunday Erhabor, who assumes the role of Assistant Secretary, contributing to the efficient functioning of the community’s administrative processes.

Census Aligbo – Auditor: The critical role of auditing and ensuring financial accountability falls under the purview of Census Aligbo, elected as the Auditor of Ugborhen community.

Obaro Light – Financial Secretary: Handling the financial intricacies is Obaro Light, who takes on the responsibility of Financial Secretary, contributing to the prudent management of the community’s finances.

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