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Villagers flee homes, hide in bushes as kidnappers, bandits seize entire LGA

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Villagers Flee Homes as Kidnappers and Bandits Take Hold of Oron LGA in Akwa Ibom State.


Communities in Oron Local Government Area (LGA), Akwa Ibom State, are grappling with a surge in criminal activities, with kidnappers and bandits taking control of the region. Villagers are reportedly fleeing their homes, seeking refuge in nearby bushes, as security concerns escalate. The situation has led to a collapse of the security apparatus in Oron LGA, causing fear among the residents.


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Security Apparatus Collapse

Elder Karl Nyong, a resident, expressed concern over the deteriorating security situation in Oron LGA. Despite the presence of a Military Barracks and Police Area Command, the area has become a hotspot for armed bandits, robbers, and kidnappers. Gunshots at night force people out of their homes, seeking safety in nearby bushes.

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Appeal for Urgent Intervention

Nyong called on the state government to urgently intervene and readjust the security arrangement in Oron. The plea aims to restore peace and harmony in the area, which has been disrupted by criminal activities. Businesses have been paralyzed, and affluent individuals are relocating to other areas due to the prevailing security threats.


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Businesses Affected: The security challenges have taken a toll on businesses in Oron, with economic activities grinding to a halt. The wealthier population is relocating to Uyo, the state capital, and Eket Local Government Area to escape the risks of kidnapping, abduction, or violence. The plea for government intervention seeks to revive economic prospects in the region.


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Allegations Against Security Officers:

Captain Effiong Eyo (retd.) raised concerns about the role of some security officers in exacerbating the security situation. He suggested transferring any security officer who has served more than two years in the area, alleging collusion with criminals. Eyo highlighted the impact on the waterways, where criminals subject travelers and fishermen to torture and abduction.


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Call for Enhanced Security Measures:

The residents are appealing to both the state and federal governments to bolster security measures in Oron. The precarious situation, marked by criminal control of the waterways and frequent kidnappings, demands urgent attention to ensure the safety and well-being of the inhabitants.



The plight of Oron LGA underscores the immediate need for a comprehensive security overhaul to combat criminal activities and restore normalcy in the affected communities. The call for intervention seeks to address the challenges faced by residents, businesses, and fishermen in Oron.


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