BREAKING: Tension in Lagos as hoodlums storm Magodo to enforce Court Order


Tension in Lagos as hoodlums clash as they storm Magodo to enforce court judgement


In the Magodo Isheri region of Lagos State, rival gangs reportedly enforcing a court judgement have engaged in violent altercations.


During the clash, armed hoodlums engaged in a free-for-all, creating tension that sent shivers down the spines of landlords, residents, and business owners operating in the community.



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Residents claiming to possess a court judgement granting them land ownership in the community allegedly caused the breakdown of law and order, according to a local resident whose name will not be disclosed for security reasons.


“As I speak with you, a large number of people are unable to leave their homes because the estate gate is locked. The claimants to a court judgement are engaged in conflict. The police and members of the Rapid Response Squad have been dispatched to control the situation, according to a source.



Meanwhile, Bayo Onanuga, a journalist and media aide for the Tinubu/Shettima campaign, has criticised , the presidential candidate for the Labour party, for referring to Pa Adebanjo as Daddy.


Obi had taken to social media on April 10 to honour Pa Adebanjo on his 95th birthday.



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In his message of congratulations, Obi referred to Adebanjo as “Daddy.”


A few weeks ago, an alleged telephone conversation between Obi and the senior pastor of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, went viral.



Obi was ridiculed on social media for calling the minister “Daddy.” However, he denied the allegations.


Onanuga, in response to Obi’s congratulatory message, wrote;



“Peter Obi cannot just stop saying “Daddy.” Is this a curse?


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  1. Lai moh and onanuga are just delusional humans who need their heads examined. They are really not fitvto serve the public and should be shown the way out. A country can’t grow with such charlatans who have their minds fixated in shredded things and lies plus decietful tendencies


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