Leaked Audio: Lai Mohammed challenges Peter Obi, Clarify which part is fake, Yes Daddy or…


Leaked Audio: Clarify which part is fake, Yes Daddy or religious war? Lai challenges


Peter Obi, the ’s presidential candidate, has been challenged by the Federal Government to clarify his position regarding a leaked audio recording of a conversation he allegedly had with a prominent Nigerian cleric.


The audio clip was allegedly a conversation between Obi and Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, as reported by an online newspaper.



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Alhaji Lai Mohammed, minister of information and culture, told the media in London on Monday that Obi should clarify what he meant when he called the leaked conversation a “fake, doctored audio call.”


“I must bring to the attention of Nigerians the recently leaked audio recording of a conversation between Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi and the cleric.



“The leaked audio shook Nigerians because we heard Obi pleading with the cleric to intervene on his behalf to persuade Christians that this is a religious conflict and they should support him,” he said.


The minister stated that in response to the leaked audio, Obi stated that it was a “falsified audio call.”



The minister stated, “If it is fake, then it never occurred.” However, if it is doctored, it indicates that the conversation occurred but was manipulated.


“Obi must clarify whether the conversation did not occur or whether it did occur but was edited.


“If it was altered, what portion was altered?



“Is it the beginning, the middle, the end, the “Yes Daddy” section, or where he said it was a religious war?”



Mohammed stated that the leaked audio confirmed that Obi’s electioneering was based on his religion and ethnicity.



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He stated that this was the first time in the history of Nigerian elections that a politician had openly campaigned on religious and ethnic grounds.



“The results of the presidential election demonstrate that Obi received the majority of his votes from his home region and those who share his religious beliefs.


“This is not good for Nigerian politics and is extremely dangerous.


“As a result of this type of campaign, Nigeria is more polarised than ever before, and people can be heard commenting based on their religious affiliation or ethnic background.



“Many otherwise reputable commentators are not immune to the impact of this divisive politics,” he said.


The minister stated that his mission to London was to defend the legitimacy of the recently concluded general elections and to correct the imbalance in the skewed narrative that had permeated the air on the elections.



He stated that, similar to his recent actions in Washington, he would inform the world that the 2023 election was the most democratic in Nigeria’s history.


The minister is scheduled to hold conversations and meetings with London-based international media organisations and pertinent think tanks.


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