Apostle Suleman in Big Trouble As  Police probe him for allegedly sleeping with pastor’s wife


Apostle Suleman in Big Trouble As  Police probe him for allegedly sleeping with pastor’s wife.

Inspector-General of Police Mohammed Adamu has ordered the investigation of Apostle Johnson Suleman, General Supervisor of Omega Fire Ministry International, for allegedly sleeping with Pastor Mike Davids’ wife, threatening his life and denying him access to his children.



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The woman accused of sleeping with Apostle Suleman is identified as Pastor Faith Edeko, who heads the Omega Fire Ministries Abuja branch in Utako while her husband, Pastor Davids, left the church.

In a letter to the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Force Intelligence Bureau, Garki, dated January 5, 2021, the IGP conveyed the order.


The letter was signed by the Principal Staff Officer II to the Inspector-General of Police, ACP Iliya Doma, with reference number CB:7000/IGP.SEC/ABJ/Vol.515/561.

The letter follows a petition written on behalf of the aggrieved Pastor Davids by V.C Ezenagu & Associates, who accused Apostle Suleman of threatening his life and stopping him from seeing his three children.



The police letter is entitled ‘Re: Criminal petition for the attractiveness of a married woman against Apostle Johnson Suleman; Adultery; Unconstitutional Criminal Restriction of Access to Children and Threat to Life.’


The letter reads in part, “I hereby attach a copy of a letter dated 30 December 2020 with its attachments on the above-mentioned subject received from V.C Ezenagu & Associates.” The Police Inspector-General orders you to handle it. Accept, please, the assurances of my esteemed regards.’


Davids said in the petition he submitted to the IG that while he was in school, he met Apostle Suleman in 2003. He said they were very similar and he was finally ordained by Apostle Suleman as pastor of the Omega Fire Ministries on June 9, 2006 and served the church for more than 15 years until his departure in 2019. He added to the petition his pastoral certificate with licence number 125.


The aggrieved pastor accused Suleman of sleeping with his wife and ruining his marriage in three videos shared on Instagram on Sunday.


Davids, who wept in the videos, said that he had begun a high school relationship with his wife and that they had been courting for about 11 years before marriage.

He said he introduced his wife, who was still his fiancée at that time, to Apostle Suleman in 2008, whom he considered his spiritual father, and she told him that Suleman had made progress with her and once invited her to the Reliance Hotel, Benin, but he never considered it serious.


The aggrieved pastor said things eventually started to go downhill when, shortly after the birth of their daughter, Michelle, in November 2009, he was posted to Osun State in 2010.


The petitioner claimed that a gospel television station was set up by Apostle Suleman and then said that he would need the assistance of his wife, who was an NTA employee.


He said it was during Apostle Suleman’s visits that he finally slept with his wife, but what made it more difficult was that the act was performed in their child’s presence.

Davids said, “My wife was an NTA Iruekpen staffer, so she was approached by Apostle Suleman that they would need her to build Celebration TV and Living Rhema.” Between Osun State and Auchi, she’d have to shuttle.

She came back to Osun State from Auchi and said she wanted to speak to me about how her conscience was pinching her. I asked what it was, and she said that Apostle Suleman stayed with her at the Uyi Grand Hotel when she was in Auchi, and he came and slept with her.


And the moment she said that, my daughter was the first thing that came to my mind. When this happened, I asked where Michelle was, and she said Michelle was on the bed, pushed back, and I asked, ‘Do you think you were sleeping with a man with my daughter in bed? ’. I had to let it go, because I couldn’t tell anyone there, and I couldn’t fight with Apostle Suleman… I forgave her, but the love affair continued. One thing I know is that they hypnotized my mom. That’s not the woman I married, who I’ve known for 11 years.

Davids said his relationship with Apostle Suleman soon turned sour, and he was suspended, but he declined to return after the suspension was lifted, and then Apostle Suleman began receiving threats.

He alleged that his wife began to clash with him when he left the church in July 2019, and then his wife left the house with their three children and they moved to Abuja.


While estranged, the pastor said that he and his wife remained married because a competent court did not dissolve their union.

“Apostle Suleman gave her a branch of the church in Utako, Abuja to lead without permission,” Davids said. Pastor David Oyedepo, Pastor Paul Enenche, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Pastor Margaret Idahosa, May, PFN. I appeal to you.

My life was impaired by the Apostle Suleman. I haven’t seen my wife and kids for two years, and Apostle Suleman says he’s going to take me out if I ever go near them. I’ve got a video where he says he’s going to make me vanish. I don’t want my life to be ruined.

His wife, Pastor Faith Edeko, however, described her husband’s accusations in a video as cheap extortion, adding that it was the petitioner who abandoned the marriage and refused to return home when her relatives reached him.

She said her health was impaired by the ordeal and she was even considering suicide, but her son stopped her.


Pastor Edeko, who cried in the video, said that she had never slept with Apostle Suleman, adding that she had no easy access to him, either.

“She said, “There are recordings that will be posted by me. You told my brothers I’d crawl through the gutters. I told them not to do something with you, that you are still my children’s father. I contemplated suicide at some point. I wrote my suicide note, I bought a sniper because I couldn’t understand how, in so much pain, I can live life. Because of my children, I’m not going to drag you… you’ve done too much and it’s enough. I don’t get hypnotised. I am not under a heavenly spell.

She said that she did not forsake her marriage. Rather, it was her husband who left the family and even begged her family for a refund of the price for her bride.

She said, “I don’t know what you’re hoping to do, I don’t know who’s going to pay you, but the only thing I’m going to say is, have you not done enough?” Aren’t you tired of flagging the daughter of someone in pain?

“In Kano, you abandoned me. On a certain day that you were going to leave your marriage, you called me. You were bluffing, I thought. I called my people and they will be willing to testify. From the UK, my elder brother called you. You were telling them that you were leaving your marriage. I was told by my older brother that you were bluffing.

“I remember I begged you and then I went to the office and I collapsed because I was in the hospital, according to what my principal said.”


She said that Pastor Davids did not prohibit anyone from seeing his children, adding that he lived with them in the same city but declined to see them.

As his telephone line suggested that it was turned off, attempts to contact Apostle Suleman proved to be abortive. It did not respond to a text message.


However, Joseph Iyare, Resident Pastor, Omega Fire Ministry, Headquarters, who replied in a terse text message on behalf of Apostle Suleman, said Pastor Davids is “frustrated by his own evil deeds.”

Meanwhile, in an audio first published by Punch News Nigeria and obtained by Ejes Gist News, which was released by Pastor David, Apostle Johnson Suleman could be heard saying that “you will disappear.



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