Breaking: Edo Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu Accuses Obaseki of Failing to Discuss Succession, Cites Intimidation


Edo State Deputy Governor expressed his dissatisfaction with .

In a recent revelation on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily program accusing him of intimidation and harassment.

The crux of Shaibu’s complaint lies in the governor’s failure to engage in a discussion regarding the choice of a successor, a matter Shaibu deems essential.


Despite acknowledging a less-than-smooth association with Governor Obaseki, Shaibu emphasized his constitutional right to vie for the highest office in the state.

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Reflecting on Obaseki’s past praises, Shaibu questioned the shift in dynamics, stating, “He (Obaseki) said I am the type of deputy governor any governor will wish to have. So, what has changed? What has changed simply is that I want to be the governor of Edo State.”


Philip Shaibu advocated for a more inclusive approach, suggesting that rather than resorting to intimidation tactics, the governor should convene a meeting with all aspirants to openly discuss and present reasons for his preferred candidate.


The deputy governor criticized the blurred lines between loyalty and constitutional rights among some of the governor’s supporters.


Undeterred by the challenges, Philip Shaibu affirmed his loyalty to Governor Obaseki but underscored the importance of recognizing his right to contest.

He conveyed, “Loyalty is given and it is fully given even with the humiliations and everything I am still loyal, but when it comes to contest, it is my constitutional right.”

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Despite the strain in their relationship, Shaibu expressed hope for a resolution, stating, “I have no problem but I beg the governor, the governor should know he is the leader, he must be able to organize all of us, he must not love one more than the other.

If he must do so, he must humiliate one,” adding that he has been “praying that this whole relationship thing comes to normal.”

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