Erisco Foods Limited arrests customer for complaining of excessive sugar in their tomato products


Arrest of Consumer by Sparks Concerns Over Consumer Rights and Police Misuse”

In a shocking incident, a Nigerian consumer’s critical review of a product on social media has ignited a debate about consumer rights and the misuse of law enforcement in civil disputes.

On September 17, 2023, Chioma Blessing Edoka, a Nigerian consumer, purchased a tin of and posted on her Facebook page to express her concerns and opinions about the product.


Chioma wrote “I went to buy Tin tomatoes yesterday that i will use to make stew, i didn’t see Gino and Sonia, so i decided to buy this one. When i opened it, i decided to taste it omo! Sugar is just too much! Haaa biko let me know if you have used this Tin tomato before because this is an ike gwuru situation (a waste of money)”.

Erisco Foods Limited and Chioma Blessing Edoka

Erisco Foods Limited Arrested Her

Erisco Foods Limited, the manufacturer of Nagiko Tomato Mix, took an unexpected and extreme action against Chioma for her review. Ignoring her concerns and dialogue, the company called the Nigerian Police Force on her. The Nigerian Police Force arrested Chioma on September 24, 2023.


This drastic measure was taken against a consumer who had committed no crime other than sharing an honest review. It has raised significant questions about several issues. These include consumer rights, the legal implications of such actions, and the use of law enforcement as a tool of intimidation and harassment in civil disputes.


Erisco Foods Limited vs Consumer rights


Consumer rights are guaranteed by the Nigerian Constitution and laws. They deserve fair treatment and respect for their opinions and feedback. They have the right to express their concerns and grievances openly without fear of retaliation or persecution.

It is deeply troubling that Erisco Foods Limited involved the Nigerian Police Force in response to a product review. The arrest of a consumer who exercised her right to free speech and provided an honest review potentially violates her constitutional right to freedom of expression.

The misuse of the Nigerian Police Force to intimidate and harass citizens over civil disputes undermines the rule of law and democracy. Law enforcement agencies have a duty to uphold the law impartially. Citizens lose trust and confidence in the law enforcement system when the police are involved in civil matters unrelated to criminal activity.


We also urge the Nigeria Police to investigate their officers’ conduct and ensure the protection of citizens’ rights. We call upon the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPCN) to investigate this violation. This agency is responsible for safeguarding consumer rights across Nigeria.

This incident shows how consumer rights are violated and law enforcement is corrupted in civil matters. It highlights the need for consumer rights protection and law enforcement reform in civil matters.


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