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FRSC Salary Structure and Ranks (Federal Road Safety Commission)


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Military pay is distributed according to a specific structure. Despite the fact that the structure is frequently based on ranks, a comparable rank holder is paid differently as long as the drive/military body is not entirely different.

The Federal Road Safety Commission‘s pay structure isn’t particularly unique, as all of the commission’s officers are paid primarily based on their ranks.


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The agency came into existence within the year 1988, and ever since then it has attracted optimistic information primarily based on achievements.

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Basically, the most important purpose behind the formulation/creation of the FRSC is to make sure that all street customers abide to the laid down guidelines and laws, that can result in security in our roads (particularly highways), and different hyperlink roads.


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Such agency (FRSC) will result in minimization to street accident, and different unexpected occasions that may happen on the roads and associated sector(s).

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FRSC Salary Structure and Ranks

Duties of The FRSC

  • Ensure security on highways.
  •  Checking street worthiness of autos.
  •  Bringing forth Ideas that can scale back street accident to a minimal stage.
  • Educating the lots about street security i.e. street self-discipline on each minor roads and main roads.

Aside the duties talked about above, they are often compelled to carryout a number of obligations associated to street security.

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FRSC Salary Structure and Ranks. 

The officers are paid primarily based on their ranks, and we are going to give the precise quantity acquired yearly, beginning with the highest most ranks.

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1. Chief Inspector

This is the very best rank within the commission, and anyone given with this place receives the sum of 1 million 4 hundred and 5 thousand, 4 hundred and forty-nine naira (₦1,405,449).

2. Deputy Chief Inspector

This is the second highest rank, with a pay of 1 million 300 and twenty 5 thousand, 2 hundred and thirty-four naira (₦1,325,234) yearly.

3. Assistant Chief Inspector

The rank of an ACI receives One million 2 hundred and fifty two thousand, thirty eight naira (₦1,252,038) yearly.

4. Principal Marshal Inspector

Anyone occupying this rank receives nothing lower than a million 100 and forty three thousand 5 hundred and thirty-nine naira (₦1,143,539) yearly.

5. Senior Marshal Inspector

Officers within the SMI rank stage obtain a yearly wage of 1 million fifty eight thousand, 4 hundred and sixteen naira (₦1,058,416).

6. Marshal Inspector I

Those on this rank obtain seven hundred and seventy seven thousand, eight hundred and seventy-six naira (₦777,876).

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7. Marshal Inspector II

Those with the rank of Marshal Inspector II get a yearly wage of 5 hundred and forty eight thousand, 300 and eighty-seven naira (₦548,387).

8. Marshal Inspector III

These units of officers are paid 300 and ninety three thousand, 4 hundred and forty-two naira (₦393,442) yearly.

9. Chief Road Marshal Assistant

The officers with this rank are paid 9 hundred and sixty six thousand, seven hundred and sixty-one naira (₦966,761).

10. Deputy Road Marshal Assistant

Officers on this stage (rank) go house with 5 hundred and thirty 9 thousand, forty-eight naira (₦539,048).

11. Senior Road Marshal Assistant

Those which have this rank obtain three hundred and eighty seven thousand, four hundred and twenty-eight naira (₦387,428).

12. Road Marshal Assistant I

The RMA I officers obtain 300 and forty 9 thousand, 5 hundred and eighty-nine naira (₦349,589).

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13. Road Marshal Assistant II

The RMA II Officers are paid the sum of 300 and nineteen thousand, seven hundred and forty-one naira (₦319,741).

14. Road Marshal Assistant III

The RMA III officers are paid 300 and 5 thousand, 5 hundred and seventy-six naira (₦305,576).

Note on FRSC Salary Structure and Ranks: The wage construction stipulated on this submit didn’t in any approach produce other allowances connected to it, because it covers solely the fundamental wage acquired on yearly foundation.

Aside the main wage construction that’s primarily based on rank, there’s one other approach the pay may be considered. This different approach is predicated on an officer entry stage, which is said as;

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A. Those with SSCE

Officers that bought into the company with O’stage receives 2 hundred and ninety eight thousand, 5 hundred and six naira (₦298,506) to a few hundred and thirty thousand, 2 hundred and thirty-one naira (₦330,231). They are positioned on grade stage three (3).

B. Those with OND

Officers who have been recruited into the commission with Ordinary National Diploma are paid 300 and twenty 9 thousand, eight hundred and fifty-three naira (₦329,853) to a few hundred and seventy 4 thousand, 2 hundred and fifty-nine naira (N374,259), and positioned below grade stage 5 (5).

C. Those with HND

Officers that joined the company with Higher National Diploma certificates obtain 4 hundred and eighty three thousand, fourteen naira (₦483,014) to 5 hundred and sixty seven thousand, sixty-five naira (₦567,065). They are positioned on grade stage seven (7).

D. Those with Bsc

Officers that joined the company with a degree receives eight hundred and eighty eight thousand, 9 hundred and fifty-six naira (₦888,956) to 9 hundred and eighty eight thousand, 9 hundred and ninety-one naira (₦988,991). They are positioned on grade stage eight (8).

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# FRSC Salary Structure and Ranks. Also read Nigerian Army  Ranks and Monthly Salary

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