I have zero tolerance for corruption – Adeleke


Osun State Governor Adeleke Advocates Ethical Leadership and Zero Tolerance for Corruption

Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, has outlined his principles of leadership, emphasizing a strong stance against corruption as one of the cornerstones.

Speaking at the convocation of the Valley View University in Accra, Ghana, where he was honored with an honorary doctorate, Adeleke highlighted the need for ethical leadership in Africa.


During the event themed ‘Imparting Excellence, Integrity and Service: Nurturing Ethical Leaders in a Changing World’, the governor expressed concerns about the deficit of ethical leadership in the African political landscape.

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He stressed the necessity for leaders to uphold ethical standards and integrity to enhance public service excellence and good governance across the continent.


Adeleke asserted, “It is my considered opinion that embracing an ethical leadership model will speed up the achievement of public service excellence and good governance in Africa. Doing the right thing as a leader in policy delivery is the expected output of every public leader.

He underscored the importance of leaders exhibiting credibility, legitimacy, and adherence to the rule of law, lamenting the prevalence of suspect ascensions to power that affect subsequent governance.

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The governor advocated for ethical leaders committed to avoiding corruption, upholding the rule of law, and respecting the electoral will of the citizens.

In my state back in Nigeria, I have four rules of engagement as a governor, namely: adherence to the rule of law, zero tolerance for corruption, commitment to good governance and fear of God in public leadership,” Adeleke affirmed.


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The Vice Chancellor of the Valley View University, Prof William Koomsion, commended Adeleke’s track record as a businessman and former federal lawmaker, acknowledging his ethical leadership in Osun State as factors contributing to the university’s decision to confer the honorary doctorate upon him.



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