David Hundeyin, Investigative Journalist Claims Threats to His Life, Flees


Nigeria, a prominent Nigerian investigative journalist, has revealed his fears for his life if he were to return to Nigeria. He alleges that the federal government is targeting him due to his exposure of sensitive and confidential information.

Hundeyin, who is currently a fugitive, has made startling claims about the Nigerian government’s pursuit of him, including a reported attempt to have him repatriated from Ghana.

David Hundeyin disclosed

According to Hundeyin, his troubles began when he exposed “internal communication within the Nigerian military ordering mobilisation of troops to Sokoto in preparation for operations in the Niger Republic.” These revelations, which he published through his investigative work, appear to have led to serious consequences for the journalist.


David Hundeyin and Bola Tinubu


In a recent podcast interview titled “The REN Experience,” Hundeyin disclosed that he has tackled high-risk stories, some of which few Nigerian journalists would dare to pursue. He drew a comparison with the late Dele Giwa, a renowned journalist who died in a letter bomb attack after investigating sensitive issues. Hundeyin’s implication is that the stories he has covered are similarly perilous.

The journalist’s fears for his life have prompted him to take drastic measures. He stated, “So, there is a reason I can’t step foot in Nigeria. If I step foot in Nigeria, I am going to die. That’s a fact. I will die.”


Hundeyin’s revelations shed light on the challenges and dangers faced by investigative journalists in Nigeria who are committed to uncovering sensitive information and holding those in power accountable. His story serves as a stark reminder of the risks some journalists are willing to take in the pursuit of truth and transparency in the face of potential reprisals.

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