My husband inherited damaged Nigeria; he’s not magician – Remi Tinub to Nigerians


LAGOS, Nigeria – In a heartfelt speech during Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Anniversary, First Lady Remi Tinubu offered insight into the challenges facing her husband, President , as he works tirelessly to address the issues inherited by his administration. She emphasized that is not a magician but is committed to fixing a damaged Nigeria.

“All we inherited are things that had happened many years ago; we are not here to put blame on any administration but to fix what has been damaged,” Mrs. Tinubu explained. “My husband is not a magician; he is going to work, and I believe and hope that we will have peace in this country; the best is yet to come to us.”

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Mrs. Tinubu conveyed her optimism about the future, asserting that “a Nigeria of abundance has begun,” urging Nigerians to look beyond their current realities and embrace hope anew.

This message of hope was delivered during an interdenominational church service to commemorate Nigeria’s Independence Day, where Mrs. Tinubu encouraged the populace to follow the example of Jesus Christ in embodying the fruit of the spirit, including love, joy, peace, and forgiveness.

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President Bola Tinubu assumed office as Nigeria’s 16th president on May 29, succeeding his predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari. Since then, he has taken decisive steps to address pressing issues inherited from previous administrations.

In his Independence Day speech, President Tinubu described the Central Bank of Nigeria as a den of malfeasance, vowing to expose the rot within the apex bank. He has also raised concerns over the alarming debt accumulation left by his predecessor, which saw the country servicing debt with 90 percent of its revenue.


President Tinubu’s policies, such as the removal of the petrol subsidy and the floatation of the naira, have garnered both praise and criticism. While these measures have been lauded by economic experts, they have triggered food inflation, increased transportation costs, and led to the devaluation of the naira.

In response to the challenges faced by Nigerians due to these policies, President Tinubu recently announced a series of interventions aimed at cushioning the effects of the prevailing economic hardships in the country.

As Nigeria navigates these complex issues, President Tinubu and his administration remain dedicated to finding solutions, emphasizing the need for unity, hope, and resilience among Nigerians as they work towards a brighter future.

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