Ondo Community Leader Donates N10m Gadgets To Security Agencies

Chief Idowu Asonja,
Ondo State Commander of Tantita Security Outfit

Ondo Community Leader Donates N10 Million Worth of Security Gadgets to Local Agencies

Ondo State, Nigeria – Chief Idowu Asonja, a prominent community leader in Ondo State and the State Commander of Tantita, a private security outfit responsible for safeguarding oil pipelines in the coastal areas, has demonstrated his commitment to enhancing security in the region by donating security equipment valued at over N10 million to local security agencies.

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Asonja’s generous contribution reflects his belief that security should not solely rely on the government’s efforts. In a statement released on Monday, the seasoned security expert highlighted the pressing need for all citizens to play an active role in ensuring a secure Nigeria.

He expressed his appreciation for the diligent work of security agencies in Ondo State, acknowledging their crucial role in maintaining peace and security in the region. Asonja emphasized the importance of supporting and encouraging these agencies to continue their valuable work.

Among the items donated to the security agencies are communication devices, such as walkie-talkies, and solar-powered rechargeable torchlights. Asonja called upon fellow well-to-do Nigerians to join in supporting the country’s security agencies, emphasizing that such contributions are ultimately for the benefit of all citizens.


Asonja concluded by stating that this donation is just the beginning of his efforts to give back to the society, with a particular focus on the riverine areas of Ondo State. He expressed his determination to do more in the future and called on the community to come together to build a safer and more secure Nigeria.

This noble gesture by Chief Idowu Asonja demonstrates the critical role that individuals can play in bolstering national security and fostering a sense of collective responsibility for the well-being of the nation.



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