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Popular Superintendent of Police beheaded in Abia

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Assistant Superintendent of Police behead in Abia.

An Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) working for the Abia Command was killed and beheaded by gunmen.
The “Agbalagba”-named ASP was reportedly a member of the Ndiegoro Police Division in Aba South, a local government area of Abia State.

After the police officer was killed and beheaded, according to our correspondent, the shooters stole his gun and uniform.


The ASP, an Ebonyi State native who oversaw the patrol team, was reportedly scheduled to retire in September.


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On Tuesday at Cameroon Road by East, Late Agbalagba and his team were reportedly conducting a stop-and-search operation when the gunmen ambushed them unannounced.

Geoffrey Ogbonna, a spokesman for the Abia police, did not return phone calls or SMS messages.



However, a State Command source confirmed the incident and said an investigation into it has started.



What are the duties of the Superintendent of Police in Nigeria?




The Superintendent of Police (SP) is a senior officer in the Nigerian Police Force and is responsible for overseeing the operations of police stations and commands within their jurisdiction.



The duties of the SP include managing and supervising police officers, ensuring law and order, preventing and investigating crimes, maintaining peace and security, and collaborating with other security agencies to combat terrorism and other forms of criminality.


They also ensure that police officers abide by the rule of law and human rights while carrying out their duties. Additionally, the SP is responsible for implementing government policies on crime prevention and community policing. Overall, the SP plays a critical role in promoting safety and security in Nigeria.



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