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Portable Headies Disqualification, Full Details Emerges


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Full Details of Headies Disqualification

, also known as Portable, was disqualified from The Headies Awards’ 15th edition on Tuesday night because he is the focus of an investigation into criminal activity.The event is set to take place later this year.

Another reason for disqualification, according to the organizers, was the assertion that Portable founded “One million Boys,” a rumored cult organization in Lagos.

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However, the outspoken musician called the award organizers’ bluff in an Instagram video in response to the announcement of his exclusion.

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“I am a light-born child. I have fame, fortune, possessions like vehicles and wives and kids.

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I’m wealthy. Everywhere I go, people know me. The musician, who was being kissed by his new wife, said in the video, “I don’t regret my acts.


Since becoming famous, Portable has frequently made headlines for the wrong reasons.

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Along with Av, Fave, Magixx, and Ugocci, Portable was nominated for the Awards in the categories of “Best Street Artiste” and “Rookie of the Year.”

The Headies secretariat issued a statement in which the organizers reaffirmed their commitment to encouraging talents and people with exceptional character for the sake of society.

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