President Buhari finally Speaks on terror Threats


Security Advisories: urges security agencies, citizens not to panic

In order to prevent panic, President Muhammadu has urged ’s security apparatus and all residents to be on high alert.

The president’s communications assistant, Malam Garba Shehu, said in a statement on Friday in Abuja that Buhari was responding to security warnings that certain embassies in Abuja had issued, advising residents to maintain calm.


According to him, travellers need not be alarmed by the most recent adjustments to the U.S. and governments’ travel advisories.

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“Nigeria is not an anomaly when it comes to having terror risks highlighted in the travel advice given to its citizens by other governments.

There is a high chance of terrorist attacks in numerous Western European countries, according to UK and US travel advice.


In fact, the travel advise given by the UK and the US to their respective people includes the same caution. Sadly, the threat of terror exists everywhere.

But this does not always portend a coming attack in Abuja. Security measures have been strengthened in and around the FCT since the jail raid in July.


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“Intensified surveillance and interceptions of terrorist communications ensure that possible threats are discovered earlier.

Attacks are thwarted. To protect citizens, security personnel actively seek out risks; most of this work is done in secret and must be kept private.

The president asserts that the government’s top priority continues to be the safety of Nigerians and that security personnel are on duty around-the-clock to prevent damage.


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The president gave the assurance that the was in control of the nation’s security situation.

Buhari said the country’s military, police, and other security forces had demonstrated a capability to deal with it, despite the fact that security threats are genuine and have been present in the country for a long time.


The fact that “the majority of our partners, including the United Nations agencies in our midst have not seen the threat as being sufficient to warrant any form of panic or order citizen evacuations,” he claimed, was evidence of this.

The president believes that while being concerned about security, being vigilant and diligent is essential and that responsible members of society avoid situations that cause unnecessarily heightened anxiety.


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The military and other security agencies have received praise from President Buhari for the recent improvement in the country’s security.

However, he gave the order to implement additional safety precautions and to maintain them throughout the next holiday season.

He expressed confidence that the nation would prevail over its current challenges given the ongoing efforts of the military and other security and intelligence institutions as well as the active support of the civilian people.




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