Those claiming I said “Peter Obi would be disgraced are Satanic” They should apologise, withdraw their nefarious & satanic utterances – Fr Mbaka [Video]


In a viral video, Rev Father Ejike has said that “those claiming he said Peter Obi would be disgraced are Satanic.”

They should apologise and withdraw their nefarious and satanic utterances.

Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the spiritual leader of the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, Nigeria, AMEN, has refuted claims that he prophesied Mr. Peter Obi, the candidate for the , is “wasting their time”.


The outspoken cleric said in a video he posted on Facebook before leaving for the monastery that he never spoke poorly of Peter Obi on Sunday.

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Remember how some news outlets, not Ejes Gist Newspaper, reported that Fr. Mbaka had predicted that the former governor of the Anambra state would lose the upcoming presidential election during the Sunday mass.

Mbaka Denys saying ” Peter Obi and his Supporters are wasting their time”

Mbaka clarified the claim by asserting that he “never mentioned Obi not to talk about Peter” during the Sunday mass, and he gave the news outlets advice to apologize.



He said” I started hearing that Fr Mbaka spoke against Peter Obi after handling over to Fr Anthony Amadi on Sunday,”

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I Father Ejike Mbaka never mentioned Peter not to talk of Obi.  Please, whoever is being used by the devil to blackmail me in the name of doing a job for anybody is Satanic and should apologise and withdraw such nefarious and satanic utterances. Be careful when you want to harm the image of a man of God. 


Mbaka Speaks to Adoration Ministry Members

“As I have already mentioned, I have heard that some people plan to protest. Nobody has been asked to speak up for me. And I do not want to learn that anyone has staged a protest in response to my visit to the monastery.

“Stop any protest that anyone might carry out on my behalf to appease me, fellow adorers. Instead of the protest or demonstration intended to assist me, it might endanger my call as a priest.


“Therefore, promote peace and love during this time and make more prayers; the Lord of the universe will take care of the rest for us, in the name of Jesus.

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“I want to use this opportunity to bless you and encourage you as I depart to the monastery in obedient to my Bishop, His Lordship Callistus Onaga.


I am going to the monastery under priestly obedience and I wish to encourage you fellow adorers to remain calm and be still,” Mbaka said as he made his way there.

“Now is the time when we will encounter true adorers. Please support me in prayer so that I can go and begin a deeper period of introspection, sober reflection, and interior waiting on the Lord.


Mbaka Added…

“I want to reassure you that God has plans for us that do not involve disaster, but rather a future and hope.

Utilize this chance to pray to God for the overall health and happiness of the adoration ministry, which is the apple of God’s eye.

“I want to let you know, fellow adorers, that this is not the time to be cynical, depressed, or irrationally angry.


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I beg you to stand firm in your faith and to deny the devil any chance. I have a duty to submit to the mother church as a Catholic priest under the vow of obedience.


Please refrain from doing anything terrible or anything that would give the devil even the slightest amount of glory while I am away. Let us be careful not to fall into the devil’s traps.

Speaking about the new director, Mbaka urged all worshipers to follow Fr. Anthony Amadi’s orders, pray for him, and pay attention to him, noting that he would soon return.

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