WAEC Digital Certificate Portal: How to access WAEC certificate online

WAEC Digital Certificate Portal

Portal: Requirements, Payment and all you need to know now.

In an era where technology is revolutionizing various aspects of our lives, educational institutions are not exempt from the wave of digital transformation. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC), a prominent examination body, has taken a significant step into the digital realm with the introduction of its Digital Certificate Portal.

A Seamless Journey with WAEC’s Digital Certificate Portal. 


Traditionally, obtaining academic certificates involved a series of physical processes, from visiting offices to waiting for postal deliveries. The is set to change this narrative, providing a streamlined and efficient way for candidates to access their certificates.

The portal, accessible at https://portal.waec.org/account/login, offers candidates a user-friendly interface to navigate the digital landscape. This online platform allows individuals to obtain their WAEC digital certificates with ease, bringing a new level of convenience to the certification process.

Key Features of the WAEC Digital Certificate Portal:

  1. Accessibility: The portal is accessible from anywhere, eliminating the need for candidates to physically visit WAEC offices. This accessibility is especially beneficial for individuals who may be located in different regions or countries.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The portal is designed with user experience in mind. Its intuitive interface ensures that candidates can navigate the platform effortlessly, making the certificate retrieval process straightforward.
  3. Secure Login: Security is a top priority, and the portal incorporates secure login features to protect candidates’ confidential information. This ensures that individuals can access their certificates in a safe and protected online environment.
  4. Efficient Certificate Retrieval: With just a few clicks, candidates can retrieve their digital certificates, saving time and effort compared to traditional methods. The efficiency of the portal aligns with the evolving digital landscape and the need for swift and accessible services.

How to Use the WAEC Digital Certificate Portal:

  1. Visit the Portal: Access the WAEC Digital Certificate Portal by visiting https://portal.waec.org/account/login.
  2. Login: Candidates can log in using the provided credentials. If new to the portal, the registration process may be required.
  3. Certificate Retrieval: Navigate to the relevant section for certificate retrieval. Input the required details, and the system will guide you through the process.
  4. Download or Print: Once retrieved, candidates typically have the option to download or print their digital certificates for personal records or official use.

Embracing a Digital Educational Landscape

The introduction of the WAEC Digital Certificate Portal marks a significant leap forward in embracing digital advancements within the educational sector. As technology continues to reshape various industries, educational institutions adapting to these changes enhance accessibility and efficiency for their stakeholders.


Candidates, educators, and employers alike stand to benefit from the seamless experience offered by the WAEC Digital Certificate Portal. It not only simplifies the certificate retrieval process but also exemplifies the transformative power of technology in facilitating educational processes.

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In conclusion, as we witness the convergence of education and technology, initiatives like the WAEC Digital Certificate Portal pave the way for a future where access to educational credentials is as simple as a few clicks. This innovative step by WAEC reflects a commitment to providing contemporary solutions for the evolving needs of the educational community.




Is the WAEC digital certificate real? : Yee WAEC Digital Certificate genuine and is not fake.


Can I get my original WAEC certificate online?: yes you can get your WAEC Certificate online. However is for only WAEC external exams.

How do I access my WAEC digital certificate? : You can easily access the WAEC digital certificate by visiting the portal  at https://portal.waec.org/account/login,



How much does WAEC digital certificate cost? : The cost to access the platform is N7,500 for both new and existing candidates. If you wish to share the certificate, the fee is N3,500. Additionally, for the confirmation of certificates, the charge is N5,000.



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