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Activist Sues Obi for Involving Baby Success in Rally


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Activist sues Obi for involving toddler in rally

Amb. , a child rights activist, has filed a lawsuit against , the ’s presidential candidate, seeking N50 million in damages for allegedly inviting an underage girl to his political rally.

Ojo-Lanre filed the initial motion on notice before a family court in the Ikeja High Court on October 27.

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As a “Concerned Nigerian and litigation friend” of the young child, Ojo-Lanre is suing the defendant.

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Child Activist sues Peter Obi


The Labour Party, Queen (mother of the underage), the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and Attorney-General of the Federation were additional respondents in the lawsuit with the filing number ID/6332GCM/2022.

The first, second, and third respondents are the targets of the petitioner’s demand for N50m in damages for violating the underage girl-child’s child rights.

He claims that the presidential candidate’s use of the toddler’s photo and video to refer to her as “a poster child” via his account on October 2 was unethical, deceptive, illegal, exploitative, and abusive.

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Activist sues Obi 

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He stated, “On October 1, an adult political rally was held on the streets of Lagos, and the first defendant permitted participation and usage of a toddler there.”

This violates both Article 36 of the 1981 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Sections 29 and 33 of the Lagos State Child Rights Act.

“We ask the court to order the first and second respondents to remove their respective tweets and a number of other posts about the underage girl-child from their social media accounts.

Activist sues Obi for involving toddler in rally

“We also ask for a court order requiring the fourth and fifth respondents to hand over custody of the toddler to the third respondent.

“We are asking the court to grant us permission to place the child in a welfare home that is approved and supervised by the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs or another appropriate authority so that she can receive the proper care, education, protection, and upbringing until the age of 18.

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Additionally, we ask that the second respondent be disqualified from running for president in 2023 because he approved of, adopted, encouraged, and allowed the use of the toddler for his rally.

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Additionally, Ojo-Lanre asked the court to enjoin the first, second, and third respondents from posting, disseminating, and publishing the toddler’s photograph.

He further argued that the first, second, and third respondents should be detained and prosecuted for alleged exploitation and flagrant violation of the toddler’s rights by the fourth and fifth respondents.

The case’s hearing date has not yet been set in the meantime.

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