Court Slams Oxlade with N5 million Fine, See why


S€x tape: Court awards N5m against ‘classless’ Oxlade

Justice O. A. Oresanya of a Lagos State High Court has ordered N5 million in damages against musician Ikuforijimi Abdulrahman, alias Oxlade, for leaking an obscene S€x clip with a lady on Snapchat.

On February 9, 2022, a S€x tape of the musician became viral online, and he subsequently apologized to his followers.


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On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, when pronouncing judgment, the judge condemned the singer’s actions of surreptitiously filming s€xual intercourse and sharing the tape online as “despicable, horrifying, unpleasant, and classless.”

The plaintiff in the suit, Blessing, filed a lawsuit on March 15, 2022, seeking N20m in damages and a declaration that the defendant’s (Oxlade) act of recording their s€xual acts without her knowledge and consent constituted a violation of enabling laws and a gross violation of her fundamental rights to dignity, privacy, and freedom from discrimination under sections 34 and 37 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) and Article 5 of the Africa Convention on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

When the subject arose, the judge was prepared to provide a decision when attorneys for the claimant, E. T. Idemudia and O. S. Mabekoje, and U. R. Michael for the respondent, announced their arrival and all parties agreed to opt for a consensual resolution by a consent judgement.


Nonetheless, Justice Oresanya criticized the singer.

“The alleged celebrity respondent’s (Oxlade) behavior and attitude are abhorrent, revolting, disgusting, and classless. The reply is strongly encouraged to use extreme caution in his interactions with other people, particularly those of the opposing gender. What you give out returns back to you. “I need not elaborate,” remarked the judge.

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Prior to that, Justice Oresanya criticized Oxlade for treating the court system with disdain and accused his attorney of helping him in desecration of the temple of justice.


The judge stated, “The respondent failed to appear in court, and the only reason given by his former counsel was the respondent’s celebrity status, which, in my opinion, cannot be compared to that of many notable celebrity artistes in this country who have behaved well and respectfully within and outside of this country.

“As ministers of the temple of justice, attorneys should never encourage any party to a litigation or client, regardless of the client’s social standing, to treat the temple of justice with disrespect and contempt.”

The judge then issued the settlement terms dated January 11, 2023 as the court’s ruling.


“According to the consent judgment, Oxlade must pay the claimant N5 million in damages in two installments of N2 million and N3 million,” Oresanya explained.

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