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June 12: DIIGL Charges Leaders on Dividend of Democracy for Nigerians


The Delta Indigenes Initiative for Good Leadership (DIIGL), a human rights group based in Delta, has called upon Nigerian leaders at all levels of governance to prioritize and deliver the dividends of democracy to the Nigerian people.


In a statement titled “June 12: Nigeria’s Democracy and Leaders,” issued by DIIGL’s Publicity Secretary, Comrade Omajemite Don, the organization emphasized the importance of promoting democratic principles in leadership and cautioned against the adoption of authoritarian practices.



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DIIGL firmly believes that it is the right of every Nigerian citizen to experience and benefit from the positive outcomes of democracy. These rights and privileges, as stipulated in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, should be upheld and extended to all individuals without discrimination.


As Nigeria commemorates June 12 as Democracy Day, DIIGL took the opportunity to urge its fellow countrymen to embrace the values of lawfulness, emphasizing the significance of being law-abiding citizens. Additionally, the organization encouraged Nigerians to foster a sense of unity and love among one another, recognizing the strength that such solidarity can bring to the nation.


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DIIGL’s charge to leaders and citizens alike serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to nurture and protect the principles of democracy in Nigeria, ensuring that its benefits reach every individual and fostering an environment of fairness, justice, and progress for the nation as a whole.

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