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Lead British International School bully Video and Latest update

lead british international school bully Video

Lead British International School bully Video has gone viral. 

Abuja’s Lead British International School Temporarily Closed Due to Bullying Incident

Lead British International School has been temporarily shut down for three days following the circulation of a viral video depicting bullying among students.


Watch AKSU student viral video on Twitter Here : Outrage on Social Media

The closure was announced during a press briefing attended by concerned parents at the school premises on Tuesday.



Ejes Gist News reports the distressing viral video showing a female student being bullied by her peers. In response, the school management assured that decisive actions had been taken regarding the incident.


Expressing disapproval of the incident, the school management confirmed the commencement of a thorough investigation into the matter.


The circulating videos sparked outrage on social media, portraying a female student from the school enduring harassment by fellow students, resembling an interrogation scenario.



Prompted by the distressing footage, Twitter user @mooyeeeeeee issued an SOS plea, urging for justice for the victim and a wider societal movement against bullying.


In one of the videos, a student is seen slapping the victim while questioning, “Who broke my heart?” Another video shows the victim seated next to a male student who confesses, “I spoilt her relationship.”

Nigerians react to lead british international school bully Video 


Public condemnation swiftly followed, with many calling for disciplinary action against the perpetrators by the school authorities.



In response to the outcry, Abraham Ogunkambi, the Head of Lead British International School, released a statement outlining the measures being taken by the school.


Ogunkambi emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “The school management is treating this matter with the utmost seriousness.” He confirmed that the school had reached out to the victim and her parents, offering support and counseling services to address the emotional and psychological impact of the incident.



Furthermore, Ogunkambi announced that the school would provide counseling and enforce disciplinary measures to address the behavior of those involved.



A dedicated panel has been convened to investigate the incident and other allegations of bullying within the school.

Lead British International School bully Video


The closure of Lead British International School underscores the urgent need for proactive measures to address bullying and ensure the safety and well-being of students.

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