Nigerians Demand Immediate Release of Rhoda Jatau Held for Speaking Against Deborah Samuel’s Lynching


In a shocking turn of events, Rhoda Jatau faces the grim prospect of death for speaking out against the perpetrators who lynched Deborah Samuel in Sokoto State.

What is ’s supposed crime?

Her supposed crime is forwarding a message condemning the brutal killing of Deborah Samuel by Islamic jihad in Sokoto State. In Nigeria, a secular state, individuals are expected to practice their religions peacefully.

Why are Nigerians calling for Rhoda Jatau’s release?

Nigerians from diverse backgrounds are united in their call for the immediate release of Rhoda Jatau, a Christian woman who has been detained under controversial blasphemy charges since May 2022.


Despite efforts by her legal team to have the case dismissed, a High Court in Bauchi State rejected a “no-case submission” request during a hearing on November 27, 2023. Consequently, Rhoda Jatau will now face trial for blasphemy, an offense under Sharia law that carries the death penalty if found guilty.

As news of her impending trial spreads, concerned Nigerians are amplifying their voices on social media, urging authorities to release Rhoda Jatau. The hashtag trend, initiated to draw attention to her plight, reflects a collective call for justice and the protection of freedom of speech in the country.

The case has sparked debates about the balance between religious practices and individual expression in Nigeria, prompting human rights organizations and activists to closely monitor the proceedings. As the trial unfolds, the eyes of the nation remain fixed on the judiciary, awaiting the outcome of Rhoda Jatau’s legal battle and hoping for a just resolution.

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