Tinubu’s Hardship: Ex-Presidential Aspirant Issues Strong Warning to Northern Leaders

Don’t Think Of Your Country Negatively – President Tinubu Tells Nigerians

Famuyibo Cautions Northern Leaders Against Inciting Nigerians Against Tinubu.


Chief Reuben Famuyibo, a former presidential aspirant and legal practitioner, has issued a stern caution to northern leaders, urging them to refrain from making statements that could incite Nigerians against President ’s administration. Famuyibo emphasized the potential for such remarks to spark nationwide turmoil, impacting citizens across the board.

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In an interview with on Monday, February 19, Famuyibo criticized the ongoing attacks on the Tinubu administration. He pointed out the inconsistency of political, traditional, and religious leaders who remained silent during the eight-year tenure of former President Muhammadu Buhari but now seem vocal in what he perceives as playing identity politics with governance.

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The Ekiti-born politician revealed extensive consultations with Yoruba leaders, both domestically and internationally. He expressed their growing discomfort with what he described as implicit threats, subversive rhetoric, unfair criticisms, and insinuations directed at President Tinubu solely based on the notion that leaders warrant reproach only when they come from a specific region.


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“My consultations across the length and breadth of the Southwest and with leaders in the Diaspora shows that while many of our leaders see nothing wrong in President Bola Tinubu receiving criticism over the pains Nigerians are going through following the policy reforms embarked upon by his administration, they are, however, surprised that certain elements in the North have been hiding under the issue of the policy reforms to openly make politically charged, ethnically insensitive, and provocative statements aimed at inciting the Nigerian public against the Tinubu administration and plunging Nigeria into civil strife,” Famuyibo stated.


He urged those making threatening statements against President Tinubu to refrain from the politics of provocation and incitement influenced by a “born-to-rule” mentality. Famuyibo called for denouncement of what he termed as “self-serving, perfidious, insidious, provocative, and inciting utterances” by all right-thinking Nigerians.

Last week, some northern leaders had decried the economic hardship in the country, expressing their inability to continue prevailing upon the youths to be patient. The situation remains tense as the nation grapples with economic challenges and heightened political rhetoric.

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