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Edison Ehie: Governor Fubara Clarifies why Rivers State Speaker Reigned

Governor Sim Fubara and Rt. Hon. Edison Ehie

Governor Fubara Clarifies Edison Ehie’s Resignation




In a candid address to a distinguished audience, including former governor Peter Odili and his wife, Mary, Governor Sim Fubara shed light on the strategic reasons behind the resignation of Edison Ehie as the Speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly.

During a gathering in Port Harcourt, Governor Fubara made it clear that Ehie’s decision to step down was not driven by personal gain or power dynamics but was a deliberate move to promote peace and stability in the state. This clarification comes amid widespread speculation and discussions surrounding the abrupt resignation.



Reasons Behind the Reign of Rivers State Speaker, Edison Ehie. 


“Edison Ehie’s decision to step down as Speaker was a strategic move to foster peace and stability in our state,” Governor Fubara emphasized. He further stated that this decision underlined the leadership’s unwavering commitment to the well-being of the people and the overall harmony of the state.

Governor Fubara addressed the concerns and questions raised by many regarding the sudden nature of Ehie’s resignation. He reiterated that the move was a testament to the administration’s dedication to maintaining a peaceful political environment.

Edison Ehie, known for his loyalty to Governor Fubara, formally resigned from the position of Speaker on December 29, 2023. His resignation, communicated through a letter addressed to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), occurred amid a politically charged atmosphere involving a rift between Governor Fubara and Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory.

The announcement of Ehie’s departure sparked discussions in political circles across the state. Governor Fubara’s clarification aims to provide insight into the strategic thinking behind the decision, reinforcing the administration’s commitment to proactive measures for the greater good of Rivers State.


As the political landscape evolves, the resignation of Edison Ehie remains a pivotal moment, prompting reflections on leadership dynamics and the pursuit of stability in the region. Governor Fubara’s assurance of a commitment to peace sets the tone for navigating the political intricacies in the coming months.

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