Shan George: See what popular Actress Said About Hank Anuku’s Mental health


Hanks Anuku: We were on set, he’s fine —

Actress Shan George has stated that Hanks Anuku, a veteran of the Nollywood industry, is doing well and is in good health.

This clarification was provided by George in response to a video that went viral that showed a man named Hanks Anuku wandering the streets while dressed in tattered clothing.


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The video that went viral featured a man in torn clothes who appeared to be homeless, looking haggard roaming around the streets.

Users on posted the video and claimed that the man in the video was Hanks Anuku.

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In response to the video, viewers on the internet have voiced their disapproval of the Nigerian film industry’s stakeholders for their inability to care for their fellow colleague.


However, in response to the video, Shan George stated that Tom Hanks was in good health and had even been on set with her just four days earlier in Asaba, Delta State, to play the role of a king in the upcoming film they are working on together.

Shan George and Hank Anuku


She uploaded some photographs to social media with the captions “Three days ago in Asaba. Hanks is doing really fine. On the same set.

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“Only three days ago, Hanks performed a role in which he portrayed the king. There is absolutely no problem with Hanks.”

Reactions have trailed the upload of the video where some Nigerians have criticized it while others have called it the aftermath of drug abuse.


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