Tinubu Govt dissolves ASP over ‘All Eyes on The Judiciary’ billboards


Federal Government Dissolves ASP Over All Eyes on The Judiciary Billboards.

In a surprising move, the Federal Government led by has announced the dissolution of the Secretariat of the Advertising Standard Panel (ASP) in response to its approval of controversial billboards featuring the message “All Eyes on The Judiciary.” The billboards, which were interpreted as an attempt to exert pressure on the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, have ignited a wave of criticism and concern.

The ASP, a key component of the Council tasked with ensuring adherence to advertising laws and ethical standards, faced heavy scrutiny after approving the campaign’s concept.


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All Eyes on The Judiciary and what it means?

The campaign centered around a theme directly linked to an ongoing case before the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal. According to Dr. Olalekan Fadolapo, Director-General of the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON), such matters under judicial review are traditionally considered “jus pendis,” or sub judice, and should not be subjects of public discourse, debate, or advertisement.

Dr. Fadolapo stated, “The advertisement is controversial and capable of instigating public unrest and breach of public peace. It is considered blackmail against the Nigerian Judiciary and the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, raising concerns about the impartiality of the judicial process.”Tinubu Govt dissolves ASP over ‘All Eyes on The Judiciary’ billboards


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In response to the controversy, ARCON announced the suspension of the Director and Deputy Director in charge of Regulations, pending a thorough investigation into the matter. A special committee will be established to examine the circumstances that led to the “erroneous approval” of the advertisement concept and its breach of vetting guidelines.


“The suspension is to enable an unprejudiced investigation of the issue. The Advertising Standards Panel (ASP) Secretariat, failing to diligently exercise its function as the gatekeeper of advertising, advertisement, and marketing communications, is hereby dissolved,” Dr. Fadolapo affirmed.

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The decision to dissolve the ASP Secretariat underscores the seriousness with which the Federal Government and regulatory authorities view the impact of advertising content on public sentiment, legal matters, and social order. This development is expected to initiate discussions about the role of advertising in legal cases and the responsibilities of advertising standards bodies in upholding ethical and legal standards.


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