Let’s put the hardships caused by Tinubu behind us, APC to Nigerians

All Progressive Congress (APC)

Amidst Hardships and Political Uncertainty. 


In a bid to foster unity and celebrate the festive season with love, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo has urged Christians to set aside the challenges of “hardship and political uncertainty” linked to the current administration of President Bola Tinubu.


In a statement released on Monday to mark the festive period, the APC acknowledged the financial and political turbulence witnessed in the past months, praising the resilience of the people for maintaining stability in the face of adversity.

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According to the party’s statement, signed by its Publicity Secretary, Alex Kalejaye, the people of Ondo state exemplified the power of love, understanding, personal sacrifice, and resilience in fostering development within society as the year comes to a close.


The politically sophisticated people have demonstrated emotional stability and maintained peace despite the financial and political challenges faced this year. As we reflect on the events that unfolded in our state and Nigeria in 2023, let’s celebrate this Christmas with the conviction that we are moving past the ordeals of hardship and political uncertainty towards an era of economic prosperity,” the statement read.

Expressing gratitude for the confidence reposed in the APC-led government, the party assured its commitment to the welfare of the people. The Ondo State chapter extended warm wishes to its supporters and Christians across Nigeria, emphasizing the essence of love, forgiveness, sacrifice, team spirit, and heightened expectations during the festive season.

As Nigerians globally mark Christmas, concerns over the rising cost of commodities, attributed to inflation and the introduction of certain policies by President Tinubu, have resonated among citizens. The Ondo APC’s call for unity serves as a reminder to focus on shared values during this celebratory period



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